9.00 T7 B-final

9.30 T3 B-final

10.00 V5 B-final

10.30 V2 B-final

11.25 P2 Speed Pace at trotting arena

11.55 FR1 Flag Race at trotting arena


13.00 Lunch


13.30 T7 A-final

14.00 T6 A-final

14.30 T3 A-final

15.00 V5 A-final

15.30 V2 A-final

16.10 F2 A-final

17.00 Closing ceremony at the oval track with prize giving ceremony PP2, TR1, P2, FR1, Feather Prize, Team Competition, EMG

18-19 Dinner back at the school

20.00 Happy Hours in the gymhall (parents are welcome)